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2001 Reunion of the Class of '68


In 2001, a reunion was held in Totnes of former KEVIC pupils who had left the college in 1968. To mark the occasion, a special edition of the "Totnesian" was issued. This can be downloaded as a pdf file (requires Acrobat Reader). Note: this is a large file - 6.7 Mb. When the file is opened in Acrobat Reader, click on the "Bookmarks" tab to help navigate through the magazine.

Below are shown four thumbnails: of the cover and of two team photos included in the magazine, and of a group photo. Click on a thumbnail to go to the larger picture. Names (as far as known) are given below the team photos.

Below the thumbnails is reproduced the first page of the magazine (copy kindly provided by Andy Hayes with additional information from Alison Strong and Hilary McPherson).

Totnesian cover
Hockey team
Soccer team
Group picture



Alison Ranshaw (née Strong); Andy Hayes-Editor; Gill Hymas; Alan Tucker; Lynn Rea (née Spark); Charlie Stephens


"Schooldays are the best days of your life!" - How often did we hear that advice in our youth?

There is obviously some truth in those 'pearls of wisdom' which is why we have gathered to renew old friendships over this Bank Holiday weekend.

The last reunion on 13th July 1996 marked a century of the school under the name of King Edward VI. Those of us that were there enjoyed a tour of the Mansion, cricket on the school field & some bottles of 'pop' at the Cott Inn. This was followed by an impromptu party with renditions of Vivat floreat & Lady Madonna around the pianoforte.

They say you shouldn't live in the past but hopefully you will enjoy reading a potted history of the school and realise how little we all knew of its long history. I apologise for the lack of available information on the history of the Girls High School. The reason that the school (one of the oldest in the country) has survived for so long is that it has been willing to adapt to change.

The Old Totnesian Society hope to create a web site with the help of the college, this will help old & new members to stay in touch. It would be a fitting tribute to this weekend for us to join the Society, which is now also open to 'Old Girls' of the combined schools. The subscription however, has increased from the £5 5/ for LIFE membership in 1966 to a still modest £5 per annum.

The 30th June 2003 will see the 450th Anniversary of the foundation of the school. This will no doubt be celebrated by the College and by the Old Totnesian Society. Hopefully we will all be able to meet again & 'greet as brothers greet'.



Friday 25th May 7.30pm - Mansion for 'Fives' then refreshments Saturday 26th May 1 pm - Mansion for tour of old buildings. 3pm - Cricket Match 7pm - Reunion Buffet Party at The Steam Packet with School Photo at 8pm (School Uniforms optional!) Sunday 27th May lunchtime - 'Hair of the dog' at The Steam Packet

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