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Roger Foord-EvansRoger Foord-Evans
Richard Walter
Richard Walter

The Old Totnesian Society

operates through a committee consisting of a President, a Deputy President, five Vice-Presidents, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer and ordinary members of the committee, normally six in number. The committee also has the power to co-opt.

The Committee 2009-2010

President: Roger Foord-Evans

Deputy President: Richard Walter

Honorary Secretary: Barry Warren

Honorary Treasurer : David Crout

Vice Presidents: Gordo. Hayman, Anthony Hollis, Bob Hooper, Derek Major, Peter Moore

Ordinary Members of the Committee: Tony Carter, John Pennington, Michael Soper, John Osmond, Michael Johns-Perring, Sarah Bowen (née Farmer)

Immediate Past President: Alison Strong

Independent Examiner: David Green

Contact Information

Contact the Society through the Secretary bgjwarren@btinternet.com, the Treasurer davidsnr@btinternet.com or by sending an e-mail to office@oldtotnesians.com

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